Our family

Family sailing in Croatia with a sailing family


Leo Curin is at the helm of our charter and father in our sailing family. His passion for the sea led him to become a nautical engineer. It didn't stop at that, as he founded bluEmotion yacht charter back in 2014. If there's any problem with yacht (not that there'll be any), you know who to ask!


The first skipper, older son, and general manager of bluEmotion yacht charter. He's the one who'll sail you around the Adriatic sea to explore idyllic islands, hidden coves, and historic port towns. He claims to know every cove of the Adriatic, but we're yet to discover if that's true!

Jasna & Čarli

Jasna is the mother in our sailing family, here for all of us right from beginnings. Also, she is a psychiatrist by occupation! Surely, one of her tasks is to keep us sane through the sailing season in Croatia! Čarli is our family dog, too old to be a watchdog, but young enough to be a sailor!


The younger son in the family. Jan is 12, still too young to be a skipper, but he dreams of the moment when he takes over the duty from Luka. In the meantime, he is really learning the ropes and we're sure he'll be as great skipper as Luka is now... or, maybe even better!

Lara & Nada

Our hostesses. Lara studies English and Swedish, while Nada goes to medical university. During summers, when they're off their university duties, and when we need all hands on deck, they're here for us. We're all thankful to have them on board!

Maja & Karlo

A mother and son in charge of keeping the beauty, our luxury sailing yacht spick and span. They make sure that everything stays as it should be: shipshape clean and tidy. A lot of our guests' satisfaction comes from their hard work during both season and off-season!