Sailing holidays in the Adriatic

On these luxury sailing holidays, you will explore the magical Adriatic sea. From secluded coves and historic small towns of Hvar, Vis, and Brač islands to a famous gastronomy scene, coastal Croatia has plenty to offer. See the most beautiful sunsets, feel the soft sea breeze, immerse in the local culture, and taste the famed Mediterranean cuisine. Our 57 feet long sailing yacht not only captivates with its size and luxury but also impresses with its perfect sailing qualities. So, welcome on board and let's begin the sailing journey that you and your family & friends will remember forever!

bluEmotion yacht charter


Luxury in its core

Sailing pleasure worth of its name! Our luxury sailing yacht is a pure expression of timeless elegance and craftsmanship. From interior to exterior, this yacht guarantees maximum equipment performance and your sailing enjoyment.

Experience the Adriatic

We believe charter sailing should be all about shared experiences. Take your family or friends on a journey of dreams! Nature, culture, history, and gastronomy of Croatia all intertwined in one amazing journey that makes you feel alive, makes you feel human.

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